The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 25

Objavljeno 18. okt. 2020
The Goonzquad headquarters has been a wild ride! We have learned so much in the process already and we are making some huge plans to make the rebuilding game even more epic. This place is going to be an absolute game changer and we cant wait to get to the finishing steps. Here soon we should be closing in on some major tasks and get things moving! Stay tuned and thanks for watching!!!
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  • Y'all are cooking with poisonous eastern red cedar, and wasting all the good white oak on the bonfire. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Keep that Ferrari in the collection 🔥


  • so its cold at night , during fall, and you are making bonfire out of cut wood are you guys stupid? a wood burner/boiler may have been agood idea to heat house in the woods but you goonz cant work that out . cant fix stupid

  • Daaaaaaangus burgers

  • Should turn those cedar logs that you got for the burgers slice them maybe a quarter inch and stain them with a good stain or even just epoxy them like a thin hockey puck and make those into coasters for your bar that way you have a piece of the raw build for the finished home

  • Retaining wall + soil fill but before soil fill build a pool. It'll look like an underground pool on flat land.

  • You gotta just break down and buy a stihl fellas

  • "we don't want to leave this fire unattended" 15 seconds later... leaves the property with the fire still burning. lol

  • Is there a market for the White oak and the cedar why burn up money I know people don't like the pine but it's got to be a lumber mill or something around you guys could sell that too I know it's great to clean up the litter as they call leaf litter it is your property gentlemen have a great day

  • I think i will add another comment about safety with chainsaws, because 500 comments about safety with chainsaws just isn't enough. People i think they get the message after about 20 comments so quit beating it into the ground.

  • Just here for the chainsaw comments ! No but also you guys should always disconnect battery and wait a while before disconnecting airbags, not sure if you did or not but seemed like you just dove into it and were toying with the connectors. Almost lost your dick !

  • Husqvarna, pure Swedish power! Makes you proud to be a Swede! 🇸🇪

  • Please don't cut trees for entertainment

  • Making the Goonsquad resin art

  • _When a Lamborghini isn't even the fastest car in your garage..._

  • Very irresponsible at 9:00. If you want to become the next workplace safety video candidate then keep it up with that dual-chainsaw. Y'all need to set better examples as a YT channel that's no longer small. Never seen something so stupid in my life.

  • I would love for y'all to theach me y'all knowledge

  • You guys should drag race 1/4 mile and 1/2 mile race all of your cars against each other. That would be so cool

  • Only u can prevent a forest fire

  • Send me some of that cedar wood

  • Holy Taquitos Batman!

  • Exposed carbon fiber.

  • This is pure pure feeling free ! aweeeesome !!!

  • I do not like how the carbon fiber spoiler looks on the Ferrari.

  • am i the only one that thinks whoever wrote on their truck was disrespectful or maby it was them

  • Lol he was not even pressing the shifting pedal in the lambo😂😂

  • Kill all Cedar!! No cooking, sucks water like cactus, "cedar fever". When your nose starts running you will hate them. Keep up the good work.

  • Give the wood to someone who needs

  • Clearly not sponsored by Kubota. ;)

  • Where can I pick up that TRASHED GZquad shirt you're wearing?....DANG...

  • Paint it

  • That’s good wood. I don’t understand why you chose to burn it for nothing. It’s just disrespectful for the nature. I understand you have a forest all for yourself but that’s a big waste. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  • So many big trees.Why do not build tree house as well.

  • 8:57 Chainsaw Mastery reached Level 50: Duel Wielding unlocked

  • Pops needs to be on the goonzquad payroll.

  • Love to see you guys!! Been here since 500k subs

  • Carbon the whole Ferrari it will look really cool!

  • The dads are out strong in the comment section! I'd take their advice, but always make sure you're having fun.

  • That fan mail piece is INSANEEE! Also super happy to see you guys finally use that awesome camping setup on the Jeep and in the Military survival vehicle! Wish we saw more of how that night went though!

  • They get off on all u complaining about their ignorance about there saftey. That's there parents problem if they are wheelchair bound..Dang Son.


  • Cooking with cedar? Also the rancher is a weak saw. Get a 372xp. That's a real saw.

  • Yes pretty careless on the saws...but that's how young people learn

  • Guys besides investing in safety for yourself, there are kids viewing these videos y’all don’t want them thinking it’s ok take those kind of chances with chainsaw ...etc continue the great work guys I love the channel

  • Quite dumb to work with chainsaw one handed. 🙈

  • Yall need more driving together. One in the Huracan and the other on the 458

  • Y'all need some AR15 for those camping nights

  • So I am lost what happend to the other property ? That they were looking at ?

  • #TreeLivesMatter

  • You know you are successful when you own a Lamborghini and it feels slow because your other vehicles are faster 👍😍

  • Leave it exposed carbon as the more exposed carbon the better

  • Please do a VINEYARD! Contact me for any questions. It's what I studied in college so I know the in's and out's for you.

  • Mi esposo y yo llevamos alrededor de 2 años viendo sus vídeos. Los admiramos mucho..son muy talentosos y trabajadores. También tienen una linda familia.. Aunque nunca hemos hecho comentarios porque no hablamos Inglés sepan que somos sus fieles seguidores ...les enviamos un afectuoso saludo..

  • You guys are doing a great job!! I love watching your channel is way better then TV. I hate that I have gone through them all lol! R U getting any new camo hoodies to sell. We all need one!

  • What are you guys doing with the damaged rear bumper cover? If it's not too crazy expensive I might want to buy it

  • Is there ever any owner disputes between cars? Is it like community property with you guys?

  • I always paint my hardyboard before I install it then go back and caulk then go back again and do all the touch up painting less ladder work.and make a space jig for your spacing between boards.its goes so smoothly. Like seeing you learn new things. I’m gonna call ya’s the 2 jacks. (Of all trades)

  • Leave the carbon rear exposed. Looks mint.

  • You guys are missing an opportunity with those logs. Get a portable sawmill and start making boards out those logs, especially the oak and cedar. Your red cedar can be used for linen and storage closet lining. White Oak boards you can sell or use as flooring.. so many possibilities. Add another toy to your collection of machines. Don't just burn that wood!!

  • full carbon on the ferrari !!!!!!!!!!

  • Guys how many times do i have to tell you to work safe!!! operating 2 chainsaws like that is moronic!! and to mention no ear or eye protection or protection chaps on your legs.

  • Pls goonzquad safety is first 🤐

  • Why not wrap that one section white so if you want to go back all carbon you can. Show us your wrap skillz

  • Did anyone notice on the f450 it said on the dust goonzquad sub on yt

  • Leave the carbon exposed. Looks sick!

  • you can build a ondergroud garage for all your cars on your new home

  • PLEASE buy some Chainsaw Chaps. I have seen first hand what a chainsaw can do to a leg with and without them

  • I would avoid cooking food over cedar. You can use oak but go ahead and invest in some hickory and mesquite etc.

  • You ought to sell the wood as fire wood

  • U guys could build a kitchen

  • you guys should make a big pond and put koi fish in it ‼️


  • Did you know that you can get a excavator attachment for the skid steer

  • of Tik Tokers

  • And the things you can get done with the power of teamwork

  • Much props to you. For having to juggle so many payments per month must be a headache, good luck thanks for the inspiration

  • the old lambo steering wheel is much more beautiful

  • Just seen how that flag was made. Check it out.

  • I have to be honest, I haven’t missed car videos. The HQ build is plenty satisfying. Just my opinion...

  • You should include the women in some of your videos. It was obvious that other people were there with you. :)

  • A grappler style bucket would be super nice. One that has claws to grab.

  • you guys should get a steel chainsaw i’ve had one for 15 years and i cut so many big trees they are very good

  • Bout time they got smart and bought a husqy!!!!! That’s all I run for my lawn and landscaping business!! Last a lot longer and run a lot better then echo or stihl!!!! The only weed eater I’ve had that has lasted better then my husqy stuff is a shindawa!

  • You guys should do A5 car

  • Leave the new bumper as is..... looks good

  • I’d rather do that than 5th grade

  • Goonsquad cook up - now playing lmao

  • Y’all still messing with that house good god I stopped watching for a while thinking y’all would be working on a car but damn this turned into a Discovery show I’ll check back in a few weeks LATER guys I watched y’all since y’all started too

  • Theres so much good wood. I'd keep and stack it instead of burning it down instantly. You never now, if you wouldn't install a stove one day. Oh and did you leave the fire alone or was somebody around?

  • What they said. One moment of video making turns into lifetime injury. Or worse. You guys have never been the safest workers at the best of times but the double chainsaw cut was the absolute worst! I want to keep watching both you guys having and fun and building shit. Grab a brain. Both of you.

  • Please make car video with gopro..

  • Dont burn wood .. use it make bench or you landscaping

  • You can use that trees .. make your landscaping

  • Some wood not good to cook


  • hey an idea for building stuff. use some railroad ties! you treat them like the outer boards of concreate but you fill with dirt. my grandma has a back porch/yard area where there are flowers planted aswell as steps ect ect go nuts!

  • Leave it expose

  • Don’t burn a fire your make more pollution on the earth

  • I throughly enjoy that I learn so much from the vids