The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 39

Objavljeno 19. nov. 2020
This house is starting to completely transform!!! We have made so much progress and things are moving right along. The well system has been set up and were 1 step away from having permanent water. Also the sheetrock crew is here and they are getting drywall installed before our very eyes. This project is going to be done before you know it and were happy to share it with you guys! Thanks for watching!!!
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  • Of course huge thanks to for making buying a container such a breeze!

    • the floor off the container is probaly bamboo ply.

    • House T u

    • @OlligesD was the day we finna was it I gotta is the day I gotta was it a time for us today to go to work and work today I just got to y’all get my brakes off on Oooo ttygyyyyyyuuuuuiiiiiikiokooopppppppp

    • Ahhh I gotta is the day we go smoke

    • @OlligesD was the time I was goin last time I got my truck to take care my friend today I

  • If you want to bury a shipping container you will need to reinforce the structure with a very strong steel. If you don't ur walls and/or roof will cave in...also you will want to weld the doors 100% so I dont have water leaks...then weatherproof the exterior to prevent currosion...finally you need to have at least a packed pea gravel foundation but I recommend a concrete pad. Consider an air filtration and circulation system...the air in there will get seriously stale very quickly

  • Thanks goonzquad!

  • oh also u could use that shipping container for a painting booth

  • i must say use some tree log cuts for some seats

  • I think you it’d be a better storage container for car parts

  • Nefo gotta go under ground with that bunker....check out CoilnCraze SLnumber channel, he does the exact same....all I can say its amazing boys you have to do it yoooow!!! Man-cave with tools haha 😄

  • I believe it’s called a reverse osmosis system

  • Aint you guys thinking of building a pool?

  • The small black tank is where the salt goes...not the large holding tank. All the rest filters the water and UV light to kills bacteria. The salt will have to be placed in there around every month or so stay stocked up on that from either Home Depot or Lowes.

  • Guys .. I just saw the Thing and instantly noticed the Bureau Veritas Sticker !! THIS is the company my dad used to work for when he was alive !! Daaang ! The HQ is in Hamburg ! Guys this is awesome !! HOW small the world is ! Daaang Son !! Love from Germany 🇩🇪

  • check out andrew camarata's youtube channel.. he has done quite a bit with containers and also is highly involved in landscaping

  • Random Stuff floating around lol Classic.

  • Put starlink internet in the house. it's just an idea

  • That property in the mountains must have a gold mine on it the way they spend money.

  • In whole video....u just cleaned up the garbage ......and u guys running to home depot to grab supplies like you building a while goddamn house everyday ......dont know where is the content

  • That black tank y’all thought was overflow is the brine tank. It’s where your salt sits.

  • Happy to see the house nearly finished built and furnished.,nice job Boys.,Enjoy watching you Boys👍😀

  • Here’s what I know about well water. I’m 58 yrs old lived off of well water my whole life. so has everybody else for 100 yrs or longer, since a pump has been able to suck water up out of a hole no filter systems at all. City water is made from a sewer plant. Lol

  • Matt from Demolition Ranch and OfftheRanch can assist y’all with underground bunker ideas.

  • Definitely wouldn't store gas containers in that, fumes in a closed container=bomb

  • 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🏡🏡🏡🏡🏡😷😷😷😷🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

    • In the black tanks you put the salt

  • How about finishing the well house off and fixing weatherboard to the outside of it.

  • Always enjoyed this show, I do miss the cars tho` ..... plus its fast becoming a `Goonzquad half hour commercial`... I know you gotta make some dollars guys but more and more we are `fast forwarding`thru more and more ads...

  • That sheet rock installation can't be right. There must be a moisture barrier (diffusion) between the sheets and the insulation. Otherwise, once the warm air from inside gets cold (traveling inside to outside in your walls) it will let moisture into the insulation and wood. That could create mold inside your walls! Anyone else agree?

  • Thatswhere the salt goes

  • I don’t know why I watch. Good lord the way they talk is annoying as f. I wonder if they are like that off camera dude.

  • This series is really coming along nicely. Looks like they'll have the house done by christmas.

  • "Shipped . Com they, those suckers hooked us up" 😂😂💀 I was dying when I heard that 😂

  • For mold the blue drywall

  • No more cars??? We miss your mechanic side.

    • Maybe later on used the container for car parts? Helicopter parts? 🤔🤔 god knows lol

  • Huge fan of the channel and the house is looking good guys keep up the good work

  • In Germany we drink Well water straight from the well und it's super healthy and tasty. Full of minerals

  • 245 Cherokee Valley Rd Ringgold, GA 30736 United States

  • Usable actual water........... as opposed to what?, water?.

  • @goonzquad the weight of the container is written on the door dude 🤦‍♂️😂

  • In the black tanks you put the salt

  • It is very sad that the floor of a shipping container is made out of the habitat of hundereds of endangered animals and plants, and the lungs of the earth 😔

  • Looks like that tank in the water well house was a salt reservoir. I dont have well water but i do have a water softener and thats what the salt is for. It makes the water its better for your plumbing and your appliances. Wait until you take a shower you need like one drop of shampoo. Your soap lasts forever its crazy how that water softener works man! I cant say what i would do with the container but lets just say it would be very productive!

  • How much did that filtration system cost because I need to put in one for my well

  • Zombie what? D.A.

  • Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude Dude


  • Idea: Paint the Shipping Container custom with your SLnumber logo and some vehicles you rebuild as a memory of how everything started!

  • Site clean up made easier 🤙🏼

  • Maybe later on used the container for car parts? Helicopter parts? 🤔🤔 god knows lol

    • could put about half quart of atf in your fuel to help clean out your injectors .

  • Check out Andrew Camarata's shipping container castle. Daaaang Son Now that is epic.

  • You open a door and wow you can tell it’s build good,must be you got your info from Chloe the psychic.

  • Looks like a water softener and a I've sterilizer. Hard water is common in wells.

  • When did this channel turn into build this house and all things home construction

  • I haven’t watched a GoonSquad video since y’all bought a Helicopter.

  • "zombie acopalypse"🤣🤣 22:52

  • every 30 sec “dude “ or “ man “

  • grt the container up on railway sleepers allow air under it stop the soil rotting the bottom out

  • have you checked out atlas survival bunkers

  • drag the magnet dont push it

  • Make sure you thinking about sealing the bottom of the container before you put it in the ground. :)

  • Did your well guy lube you up because he sure gave you the shaft!!!!

  • Anyone else still bothered by the well house’s doors opening inwards?

  • Container into sauna, would be a good idea ;)

  • Dear Goonzquad , I came across your video of you guy buying a blue forklift , i notice that it had a Detroit Diesel engine in it . I seen that you guys did an oil change and that you guys put into it 15w40 oil I have to tell you guys that is the wrong oil . It needs to be straight weight oil sae 40 w . And I do not how big of fuel tank is on your forklift but you guys could put about half quart of atf in your fuel to help clean out your injectors .

  • Nice. New containers use bamboo for flooring.

  • NOT SURE if this was mentioned in the contents but that red floor is actually BAMBOO

  • ? 10 container grudge?

  • keep calling it sheet rock its annoying! its plaster board!!!

  • The tank in your well house that you didn't know what is was for. It to put your salt in for your water.

  • That black theng was were you put the salt

  • Guys consider insulting the container, in the summer that thing will be a oven. Usually it’s better to get used refrigerated ones

  • Well water is the best water you can get and it's colder than any city water it's clean it's healthy

  • I hadn't seen a video of these two kids in over a year they were working on some crappy car or something....They have come along way!........Next time I come back look forward to the sky scraper they will build...or maybe a space ship. Good decent kids, smart as all that.

  • If you are gonna bury that thing there are a few vids on the SLnumber to help but you need to reinforce the interior

  • That trash can looking thing is a brine tank that's what you out the salt in and it attaches to the water softener there is resin in the softener that cleans the water as it's pumped through the tank used to build water softeners and RO system

  • Check demolition man or off the ranch chaneel. he put one in for his phew phews and a storm shelter it’s awesome

  • Dig a pool dudes


  • Bro u guy's on a different level 💯💪

  • Are you guys going to install some kind of water heater to system you guys are installing for the well pump. Living out in the mountains the water must be freezing just want to know if you have any options.

  • If you want to make it a lot faster to pick up the nails get some magnets on the bottom of the lawn mower

  • 4:36 into the video the small black tank is for salt pellets

  • Your well system looks completely different than mine. My system consists of a stainless steel submerged pump, a pressure/holding tank, and a UV light. What sort of filtration you need varies from location to location. Most likely your plumber did a water test and determined you need extra filtration and a water softener. You should buy some heat tape to put around the pipes in your well house so it doesn't freeze up in winter.

  • We all them Sea Cans at work, better then shipping container.

  • how is the helicopter build

  • in my experience of using this type of storage they are prone to condensation if they are not vented well, great work guys

  • I wouldn't have painted the front door until the end of the construction process as its guaranteed to get scratched and dinged up.

  • you guys should get a 40 ft container and build a bunker and it can be located underground right under the new garage and have a little path heading to the house, and it would go with the apocalypse truck

  • The smaller black tank next to door is were you put the salt. The metal tanks have resin bebe's in it to collect the deposits from the water. The big tank stores the water.

  • From cars to houses yall bee snapping bro keep that motivation 💪🏼💪🏼🙏🏻🙏🏻

  • You’re supposed to take the tape off before the paint completely dries!

  • I would look into what all you need to do to the shipping container before putting in the ground. You have to reinforce the roof and sides. The weight of the dirt will cause them to cave in

  • 40 videos jhezzz on how much money they made with 100 ads a vid

  • Great content and very entertaining. Have you boys considered bi fold patio doors to replace the up and over garage doors.. This will flood the room with natural light and be awesome in the summer when folded back. I know you said you will use that room for storage but that is a waste of house living space and is not economic. As your property matures you will find somewhere else to store things.

  • The small tank is the back wash tank that the two green tanks use to rejuvenate the filtration media after each cycle. The salt goes into the small tank this creates a brine solution to cleanse the filter. It helps to pull the ions from the media tanks and cleanses it. With these system you need to ensure that the salt in the tank is always topped off or else you run the risk of overworking you filtration media and reducing its life.

  • That’s a brine tank that you said is a over flow tank you have to keep your salt in there for the water softener that it’s connected to do it’s job an the the acid neutralizer will have to be serviced about every two years or so, UV lights are also nice but a bit over kill with the system you already have there, you have a very deep well with little storage I’d imagine because you have a completely different pump set up then what I usually install

  • I had that same system worked great.. I also added in a separate filter that I used to flush the pipes in the house with bleach to clean them out. I had a lot of iron in my water and the sulfur smell was terrible. Bleaching the pipes helped with the iron and smell in the water.

  • Guys don't leave the container en the floor, must be put on cinder blocks or it will rust

  • Tare weight is the container weight.

  • I love the fact that you guys are doing all of your videos on your iPhone. No camera's. Just to show all the people that it can be done without the big camera's. I also like the fact that you are learning to do so many things yourself. To show people it can be done.

  • Add a line without salt to water your plants, grass

  • Dig a hole for the garage foundation keep it as storage underneath with stairs for access.

  • Should get another one n cut the sides out n put them together n make y’all’s paint booth out of them