The New Goonzquad Headquarters Part 38

Objavljeno 17. nov. 2020
The crane is here!!! After finishing all of the hard to reach paint work, we finally got a few awesome arrivals here at the headquarters. The sheet rock was finally delivered with an epic crane truck and shortly after the well guy came out and set his entire system up. We are moving right along and things are getting epic. We cant wait to show you guys what's next! Its going to be wild, thanks for watching!!!
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  • Are you guys planning on adding a porch?

  • Great episodes. Can’t put it down. Questions for consideration: Will their be a front porch and lights and steps? Thank goodness you didn’t paint the brick/rock. It looks great natural. Once you paint it you’re always maintaining it for years and years. Not a problem now-your young-but just wait. Age will happen. Never should’ve painted that gutter and white trim. Back to lifetime of maintenance.

  • The stones pattern on the top window should be the same as the main door. You guys did wrong.

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  • Tint the glass if u can not change the blind.

  • The keen dessert retrospectively interrupt because scissors evocatively announce towards a stiff scanner. gamy, complex pepper

  • That was funny "we have elbows we have knees" heard that ....keep up da good wrk bro

  • U have lots of land ,just wondering what's ur next mission u guys r very wise keep up da great wrk u do....all da way from NY Yonkers....give u blessings bro.....

  • Where’s the Doberman puppy?

  • house paint looks great!

  • Are u guys going to move your car builds from the old hq to the new one

  • Are u guys going to move your car build from the old he to the new one btw I'm a huge fan

  • My heart dropped wen they painted the door

  • Apple had to sponsor them for all the videos being “shot on a iPhone“

  • I thought you to are brothers, it looks like you could be

  • 245 Cherokee Valley Rd Ringgold, GA 30736 United States

  • Y'all should throw some window tint on that side door with the blinds. That way it's not as white from the outside but you can still see from the inside.

  • Did your water test pass from your water well mine had high levels of Uranium and Nitrates

  • Lemme know what you think! :)

  • That big window above the door drives me of the big mistakes they have made I feel..taking out the half circle/rounded top design and having it just a big oversized normal looking window really takes away from the look of the just sticks out like a sore least to me.

  • 2.29 million!!!

  • There is a product that you spray on glass before painting so you don't have to mask. Then when the paint is dry you score the window like you did and it will peel up like you were talking about.

  • I'm really impressed with the work you put in but in many projects the littlest things that you do can make the difference in quality. That door could have been painted with the door handle off and wold lik f come out 10x better.


  • you need liquid masking tape..

  • This channel is growing FAST !!!!

  • Waiting for shirt with, ALL THAT GOOD STUFF, on it xD

  • Im sad because you dont make a car content anymore

  • Wear a mask in public.

  • No spraying over a window glass it has a plastic sheet over it so when all the painting is done just take the sheet off. I painted houses for 15 years. That's how all the doors and windows where.

  • 😊👍🏻

  • What kind of steps is going for the front door?

  • 10:38 that's because the people on Tik Tok are either deceitful or idiots

  • replace the brick with the rock


  • you put a coating on the glass first house is awsome

  • Alright I actually like the color better than the white. I thought y’all were going to ruin the house at first. But it looks amazing.

  • Love what you boys are doing right on Nov 20 from Newfoundland Canada keep it up Boys

    • Say hi to Cora it will make her day thankyou

  • Can I take out a life insurance policy on the danger triplets? They havent cut off or broken any limbs so when they fail, they are going big Another day with the crane I dont think they set it up on stable ground , dont use safety equipment, say watch this a lot , like to jump around , juggle tools , never wear hard hat , never wear work boots. you dont bounce from 50ft fall. a hard head doesnt grow back triplets will soon be twinlets

  • retard painting why not throw a bucket of paint at door , then clean it up simple learning the hard way with the danger triplets

  • the danger triplets are at it again no safety , no worries learning the hard way

  • a wise man buys safety gear and uses it an unwise man buys safety gear and doesnt use it a goon videos his death dont be a goon

  • The colors don’t match roof shingles are the stone look horrible in my opinion

  • What’s up dude I like your videos I didn’t mean to comment late sorry but I like that house I wish I had it ha ha Ha it’s so good I wish I was building it I’m a kid I’m only eight years old I like your channel please give me a shout out

  • Your next project should be a forklift man basket. And you can get that we’re the other thing can’t.

  • You boys have alot of get up and go and lets try it.... Not a hint of quit in you... Think Bigger! :)

  • """ THAT WELL GUY """". your business just got famous , thank you Billy

  • "maybe will build another house later".... I just saw that "other house" on google maps. It's pretty near the main house and needs some fixing.

  • I’ve got several cranes that would look pretty good at the goonzquad HQ. hmu! Devin Hobbs at Custom Truck One Source!

  • what color is the trim

  • How do people watch this crap?

    • Well normally they click on the video, sit down and watch it. It's pretty simple.

  • I've never lived in a house with siding. I thought it came in colors and didn't have to be painted?

    • Most manufacturers (including Nichiha whose product has been used by Goonzquad) supply siding in a range of standard colours and can also provide a custom colour service.

  • Is there a “sheet son” T-shirt yet? 🤣

  • You might be thinking about Plasti Dip

  • House = sexy 🤤

  • Hey Guys Paint is cheaper by the 5 gallon pail.

  • if those stones fall off again, wet the stone a bit more before mortoring back in, and the surface behind, helps the bond

  • The Goonzquad mountainmen.... 😉🤙🏼

  • drip cap flashing on those windows and doors surrounded by the stone?? You guys are gunna regret that down the road a few years, but heck.... that will just be another project you can film for your viewers in the future.

  • You guys should try a old vehicle revival!

  • Who the hell calls drywall sheetrock?

    • Many people in the USA use it because they wrongly assume that it is a generic name for drywall or plasterboard. In fact. "Sheetrock" is a Registered Trade Mark Name of the 'US Gypsum' company and can only be used legally for the products of that specific manufacturer.

  • Probably should have painted that door trim before scraping the extra paint off lol

  • ❤❤❤

  • Man I wish they talked about money and prices like how much would that cost and so on if we were to do it in our house

    • Goonzquad are not in the same economic position as a typical property remodeller since their deals will be supported by discounts, covert and overt advertising, complimentary items and other forms of compensation in return for mentions and video coverage of products, materials and associated services on their SLnumber channel. Every project is different, so before beginning any work a remodeller should carefully compose a very detailed budget for all foreseeable costs and allow a suitable additional amount for unforeseeable contingencies. In our experience, failures in this regard are common and are the most frequent cause of abandoned projects.

  • Goonaruny Dude. Wamo bamo.

  • Can you take the stickers off the windows please

  • 16:32 The Rock is here 😝

  • I would use that machine to clean the outside of all your new Windows when you pyle the stickers off.

  • i hope you are putt a nice big deck across the front of the house.

  • 👍👍👌👌👌

  • I have a feeling they're going to buy a shipping container for storage and in the future make an underground bunker 👀

    • im asking your dumb self how did you know it was a bunker before the video was even uploaded. i feel like im talking to a 5 year old. do you not comprehend

    • @The Ultimate Oppurtunist you asked WHY do i know this.... Seems to me like your the idiot here buddy

    • @Titomacc408 okay you idiot i never said you were wrong. i asked you how did you know that they were going to get a bunker/shipping container

    • @The Ultimate Oppurtunist new video out now.. Told you so

    • why do u know this

  • Paint the brick & stone in White!! Overall it will look epic.

  • Wow painting the glass?? I would've have done that, but I guess it worked out. Keep up the good work!

  • Bumpo Extendo 😂😂😂

  • They got so quiet at the end you could hear a spider pee on a napkin

  • New goon squad headquarters part 12300737383929 just cut the grass

    • I'll bet that's exactly what the house MOD fans have to say about cars ... .New goon squad Car MOD part 12300737383929 needs a nice wash.

  • Should have put headers over the top window to match the front doors.

  • You need about 150 tonnes of gravel to put on the drive and around the front of the house to combat all that mud.....

    • @John Stedman Yes I agree, but for now just get some gravel in, they have obviously got money to burn.

    • The first thing they need is a detailed plan of how the landscaping, roadway, drainage, lighting and other features are to be arranged on this sloping site.

  • consider a helicopter pad on the mountains that will be bazar

  • Where’s chief?

    • Getting his teeth into some dangerous trespassers. Now Chief has given their upper limbs a good chewing, they're completely harmless.

  • Guys fix the roof, water comes in on that sheetrock your screwed.

  • Come on guys it's getting a bit thin on content, you paint a wall, say Dang son 50 times and that's a it! Stop giving us paid promotions and give us OG content. What's happening with the Helicopter?

  • @23:01 Epic interruption .... hahaha.

  • “ Dudeee..Duudeeeee...DUDDEEEE” 😂 Y’all kill me man, all love tho lmao

  • Front steps/porch time!

  • The entire front end is done , lmao 9:05

  • Hey guys, loved the video its super exciting. I just made a channel myself inspired by you guys. I installed a new bumper and headlights on my Wrangler. Would really appreciate it if anyone checks it out!

  • What ever happened to the new dog they got ??

  • I don’t know if these guys are serious or just pretending to be dumb but most everything they’re doing is not very good LOL hopefully they’ll do a follow up video in two years when all the paint starts falling off

  • I hate the stone color, looks horrible! Would have painted it.

  • Yall are doing a great job

  • Looks like cake.🍰

  • What you saw on tik tok was a layer of lasting that comes on most new doors with glass in them. You cut the plastic with a blade and peel it off. I guess your door already had the plastic removed before you painted it.

  • Front door needs awning with deck and posts!

  • Guys when ever you need the cabinet and granite for your kitchen and bathroom countertops hit me up I got y'all good price I stay in Georgia not to far from y'all

  • 9:40 that was driving me nuts the past 10 videos! thank you

  • Always good contents I love it !!

  • You guys are doing really well!

  • Goonzquad in a couple years ........ We are rebuilding a Ford GT40

    • We are rebuilding a Ford GT40. But first we have to repaint the house !

  • it's nice to see life where you guys are at is normal.. I'm tired of being locked up from the government

    • @Travis Ash it's not that kind of crime.. the govt here has put us in a martial law lockdown

    • If you can't do the time, don't do the crime !